Social Media Marketing is now a very powerful on-line marketing communications tool.  Do you want to ….

  • Increase brand awareness?
  • Improve website traffic?
  • Generate sales enquiries?

If developed and regularly managed to the correct standards it can yield excellent results for your business.  Whatever your business, we can provide the complete set up and on-going management of your social media campaigns, ensuring your business connects and engages effectively with your ‘fans’ , ‘followers’ and key target audience, providing a high level of interaction, maximising your brand’s reputation, enhancing credibility and increasing website traffic.

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Specialising in Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, we have the right social media management solution for your business.  Perfect for businesses who want to really take advantage of this highly cost effective digital marketing channel.

How we can help and add value – We act as your in-house social media manager, completely managing your particular social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), ensuring relevant, engaging content is posted on a DAILY basis.  We will also respond to any messages, comments or questions that are sent to your page in a very timely manner, which is important as it displays a high level of customer service, further enhancing your business reputation and credibility.

Do you need help with any of these social media activities:

  • Running a competition?
  • Promoting an event?
  • Advertising a particular Special Offer?
  • Generating more leads and clicks to your website?
  • Increasing your ‘Likes’ or ‘Followers’?
  • Ensuring the right kind of people are following and engaging with your business?

We can develop, implement and manage the ideal social media campaign that will cost-effectively achieve all of the above and more.  Social media advertising campaigns are highly targeted, meaning your message and promotions will be seen by the relevant audience for your business.  Plus, you will receive regular updates on the performance of your campaigns and recommendations where improvements could be made to ensure you are receiving the best possible results. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

social media marketing

Let us manage your social media marketing so you can concentrate on what you do best – Running your business!

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“For a long time I have wanted to improve my profile in Social Media and have even had a go myself but it is not something that I have done with any consistency or success.

So I handed it all over to Darren who manages my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and the results have been fantastic, I have been re-tweeted, favourited, liked and commented on. Additionally, my followers have increased on all sites and importantly for me, he has taken the stress and hard work away so I can concentrate on the ‘day job’.

Darren gets what I do, he knows what to write, what articles to post with very little input from me. I am so pleased with the job he is doing; the service he provides is fantastic!”

Lisa Cessford

Managing Director, Farsight HR Consultancy Ltd

Social Media Marketing Package

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social media marketing
social media marketing

Whatever Your Social Media Marketing Requirements

whether it’s a fully integrated strategy or a specific ad-hoc project, CONTACT US to see how we can help.